Shetty Enterprise is a manufacturer of Food Conveyor Belts in Nigeria and also carries belts for other applications. We offer a large array of conveyer belt for food processing that are unreal from an extruded ester material, PTFE, steel with totally different materials like Cleats belting, Sidewalls belting, Sealed Edges belting, V-guides belting, etc. These belts for food industries are designed with utmost care so that their surfaces don’t chemically react with food items coming in contact with them.


We strive hard to maximize customer satisfaction by trading and supplying and exporting a foremost assortment of Conveyor Belts such as Food Conveyor Belt, Jogging Belts, Running Belts, Loading Belts, Structural Belt, X-ray Machine Conveyor Belt, Telescopic Conveyor Belts, Chevron Conveyor Belt, Side wall Conveyor Belt, PVC Conveyor Belts, Rough Top Conveyor Belt, Steel Cord Conveyor Belt, Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt. Our offered products can deliver you powerful performance for a long time, you can save on your operational costs.

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